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Handmade Press-on Nails #261

Handmade Press-on Nails #261

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Set includes
  • 10pcs Handmade False Nails,
  • 24pcs Nail Glue Stickers,​
  • 1pc Wooden Stick,
  • 1pc Mini Nail File,
  • 1pc Alcohol Cotton.

How to use
Surface Preparation: Prior to application, use the wooden stick and mini nail file to gently file and smoothen the surface and edges of your nails.
Nail Cleansing: Ensure your natural nails are clean and free of debris.
Sticker Application: Choose a suitable nail glue sticker and affix it onto your prepared nail. Gently heating with a hairdryer can increase its stickiness.
Nail Attachment: Select your desired fake nail and press it onto the nail glue sticker, firmly holding for around 20 seconds. Then use the hairdryer to heat the nails for about 15 seconds.
Curing Time: To ensure optimal adhesion, avoid water contact for 2-3 hours after application.
P.S. Please note that actual colors may slightly differ from pictures due to lighting and display variations.

Removal Steps
Step 1: Gently create a small opening under the false nail piece using the wooden stick.
Step 2: Soak your nails in warm water for 10-15 minutes to loosen the glue, facilitating easier nail removal.
Step 3: Use the wooden stick to gently lift the fake nails from the side or carefully peel them off using your fingers.

  • Effortless Glam: Achieve a polished look without the wait time of traditional polish.
  • Versatility: Choose from a range of trendy designs to match any occasion.
  • No Commitment: Perfect for short-term wear or testing new styles.
  • Longevity: Enjoy 3-5 days of wear; easy removal in warm water.
Elevate your style with our Press-On Nails, complemented by a handy toolkit for the perfect application. Effortlessly switch up your look and embrace the ease of a quick and stunning manicure.
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